Top 15 most effective Gratitude Practices

It is very important for you to practice gratitude as this can prove to be a game changer. There are several benefits of practising gratitude starting from improving our mental health to improving our relationships. When you live your life with gratitude, you observe the little wins like a stranger holding the door for you, a bus coming in the right time etc. When you start appreciating each of these small moments that creates a web of wellbeing. Over time, this strengthens your ability to notice the good things. Taking the help of a life coach can prove to be very beneficial at this stage. When you are building your capacity for the good, it is not at all difficult. It develops with practice. If you are able to notice things that you are grateful for, you will get more things that you can be grateful for.

Top 15 most effective Gratitude Practices, Top 15 most effective Gratitude Practices

Best Mindset Coach in USA & Canada can help you find the top 15 most effective gratitude practices

Given below is a list of the top 15 most effective gratitude practices and some of these are mentioned below:

1. Write a note of thanks

John Kralik, the author of 365 Thank Yous, said that a small act of thanks by his girlfriend changed his entire life. Once during a Christmas, he was feeling very low when his ex-girlfriend send him a thank you note for the Christmas gift that he had given her. It was this act that inspired him to write thank you notes to all people who touched his life. When he started expressing gratitude, his finances started becoming stronger, started gaining true friends and also started experiencing better health. He also started feeling at peace with himself from within. Expressing gratitude is a wonderful way that helps you improve your life.

2. Be thankful for each day and consider each day as a gift

It is very important for us to realize that each new day is a gift for us. The best way to respond to that gift is being grateful. Each day is a blessing as we are still here and getting the opportunity to use it in the best way.

3. Should have a gratitude journal

When we write down everything that we are grateful for, that helps us to focus on things that we have in our life rather than things that we do not have. When we journal our thoughts, that can be a lot of fun.

4. Enjoy Nature

Today technology is consuming us. We cannot imagine a life without ipads, TV, ipods and computers. It is essential to put aside some time to notice the beauty of nature. To do this, you can go for an evening walk or take a long drive. When we are connected to nature, it has a calming effect and help us stay connected to something bigger than us.

5. Make sure not to take anything for granted

Often we fall into a routine and start taking things for granted. For example, though we all know that health is a very important thing for us, yet we have a tendency to take it for granted. We need to realize that everyday waking up feeling well, having no pain is a blessing. There are some bodies that do not experience this. Since most of the time we take our health for granted, we only realize its importance when you lose out. This is very similar to losing a loved one. If you work with one of the best mindset coach in USA, you will be greatly benefitted. When we lose them, we realize that we should have treated them better and should not have taken them for granted.

6. Celebrate your anniversaries and birthdays

It is also essential for us to acknowledge the birthdays and anniversaries of our family, friends and even acquaintances. This is one of the best ways to express gratitude. A simple card, an email or a phone call can make a person feel appreciated and special. At times, the circumstances of life can be quite unpleasant. When you celebrate the special days of another person, that can be quite joyful and within your control.

7. Compliment Others

When you genuinely complement another person that can make the other person feel good. For example, you have a co-worker who has a great sense of humour. It will be a very good idea to appreciate him for being level headed and being able to keep cool even in the toughest of situations. We all have qualities but when you tell people how their qualities made a difference in your life, makes them feel happy.

8. Do not focus on what you don’t have

Human minds have a tendency to lean towards those things that are lacking in our lives rather than concentrating on the abundance that is there around us. We do not see the abundance as we are not necessarily looking for it. We need to be conscious about what we have in life. This can make a lot of difference and we start feeling content rather than feeling miserable.

9. Raise a happy child

Raise a child to be grateful and teach him to express his gratefulness. This will make him happier in life. You should teach them to send thank you notes for the gifts that they have received or simply say thank you more often. When you share thanks, around the dinner table each night, this is a wonderful way to build gratitude muscle as a family.

10. Create affirmations

When you say affirmations silently, that helps you change the inner dialogue that often creates self- limiting beliefs. This can prevent us from living up to our potential. Spiritual leaders and the best mindset coach in Canada, believe that the power of affirmations can change your lives. It is said that affirmations help us to step out of the victim role and acknowledge our inner power. Creating affirmations are the best way to practice gratitude.

Take a vow not to complain for 21 days

Just think, if you can stop complaining for 21 days. It is true that complaining makes us feel good as it takes out the negativity from within us. The problem, however is that constant complaining becomes a habit. This can be toxic and can bring us down. Try to see, exactly how long you can stay without complaining.

11. Be grateful even in the toughest times

When the time is difficult, it is very difficult to see the good things amidst troubles. But if you practice gratitude even in the most difficult times, that can reverse your situations. This gives us a new perspective and you are able to see opportunities that you could not see before.

12. Be grateful for the routine

Going to work regularly, taking care of our families are all part of the routine. These can however at times be a reason for stress and frustration. It is however, a blessing to have the usual thing. Imagine, a life where there is no work, no family, no friends. There is no stress but there is also no reason to live. So, when our daily routine is broken due to someone in the family we realize the importance of routine. We start missing it.

13. Start your day being grateful

This is a practice that sets our intention of goodness and abundance at the start as well as the end of the day. When we wake up in the morning, we think about the things that we have to do the entire day and what we do not need to do. Rather than doing this, it would be better if we think about the good things that the day can bring, and end the day by thinking about the good things that happened during the entire day, that would improve our life.

14. Count your blessings

It is a good idea to literally count your blessings. Find a quiet spot and writing down 100 things that you have in life. If you find it difficult to think about 100 things, try to think about those things in life that you take for granted like a hot shower, a clean house, your pet, clean water etc. If you create a list of these blessings, that will be a powerful exercise. When you write sown all the things that you are grateful for, all the negative feelings will go off and you will only be left feeling happy.


When you are grateful, you become happier. It is quite normal that when you lose a job, have a divorce or lose a loved one, it is not easy to see the good. These are however those times where practicing gratitude proves to be most beneficial. This helps you heal and become more powerful. Being grateful makes us happier. Get in touch with a good life and mindset coach and learn to practice gratitude to lead a better life.

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