How to stop leaving in Fear?

How to stop leaving in Fear?, How to stop leaving in Fear?

Fear is a common current that runs through everyone’s lives. Different people experience different types of fears. Some people might experience the fear of rejection, while others might experience fear of failure. But fear is something that everyone experiences. It is due to this fear, that we often keep ourselves locked in the prison of predictable and comfortable. This prevents us from reaching our true potential. To reach our full potential, you should get in touch with a mindset coach. Fear causes a double conundrum- We are not happy with the status quo, yet we are afraid to try something new or different. There is however also a way that fear also helps you serve a valuable purpose. It helps you break through frustrations to live a life that you truly deserve.

Best Mindset Coach in Canada helps you understand the different types of Fear

If you want to stop living in fear, it is very important that you understand the psychology beneath it. This will help you work against it. Fear and anxiety have a place in the healthy human psychology up to a point. Acute Fear is quite a normal emotion. This signals a potential threat to both your mental as well as physical safety. If you are experiencing some kind of a threat like you are feeling that someone is following you, you will notice that blood starts pumping faster. Your awareness is heightened and this allows you to take faster action. Acute fear is quite a natural response and this helps our ancestors to survive.

When this acute fear becomes hyper sensitive, there is another fear that occurs and that is called indirect fear or chronic fear. This happens when we are continuously stressed. This mostly happens if we are exposed to news about political divisions, war etc. Unlike acute fear, chronic fear can lower down the natural lifesaving response. This makes us believe that we need to be saved by an outside force.

Ways to stop living in fear

When you experience chronic fear, you do not experience anxiety, you rather live with it. This influences everything you think and do. It is therefore very important that you do not allow fear to control you. To deal with fear, you can get in touch with one of the best mindset coach in Canada.

Given below is a list of strategies that will help you to stop living in fear:

1. Be Calm

It is impossible to think clearly when there is too much of fear and anxiety. You should first take out some time so that you can physically calm down. You should distract yourself completely from the worry. Take a 15 mins, walk, have a cup of tea, take a shower etc.

2. Take deep breaths

Often when we are too anxious, our heart starts beating faster, our palms start sweating etc. The best thing that we can do here is to not fight it. Stay where you are and try to feel the panic without distracting yourself. Take the palm of your hand on your stomach and start breathing slowly. The goal here is to help the mind get used to coping with panic. This takes the fear of fear away.

3. Face your Fears

When you start avoiding fears that makes it scarier. Whatever your fear is, if you face it, it will start fading. For example, if one day you panic getting into a lift, the best thing to get out of this fear is to get back into the lift the next day. It is not always possible to do this practice yourself, it is therefore a good idea to contact the best manifestation life coach USA.

4. Think of the worst

Start imagining the worst that can happen. For example, imagine that the worst thing that can happen is you panic and suffer a heart attack. If you chase your fear, it is sure to run away.

5. Don’t need to be perfect

There is a lot of stress in life, yet many of us feel that our life must be perfect. It is quite obvious that there will be setbacks and bad days. You should know that life is messy.

6. Visualize a happy place

Take some time and close your eyes. Imagine, that you are in a place that is calm and safe. It might be anything. It might be a picture of you walking on a beautiful beach or it might be a happy memory from your childhood. Till the time you feel more relaxed, let the happy memories sooth you.

7. You should talk about your fears

When you share your fears that takes a lot of your scariness. You should therefore talk about your fear. If you cannot talk about your fear with your friends or family, you can talk to a good life coach.

8. Go back to the basics

There are several people who turn to drugs and alcohol to treat self-anxiety. This will however make things worse. There are very simple daily things that can help you- a good sleep, a good meal or a small walk.

9. Reward Yourself

When you have finally made the call that you were so afraid to make, treat yourself with a good lunch or a good massage.

10. Turn the should into musts

If you have no choice but succeed, if achieving your goals is a must, nothing else matters. Excuses go out of the window and you will do anything to achieve your goals. At times even the most successful people live in fear. Rather than allowing fear to suck their life, they know the price they will have to pay if they do not give their goals. Therefore, it is a “must” for you to achieve your goals.

11.Have a growth mindset

At times people give up on what they want in life. This is because they do not trust their ability. They feel that reaching their goals is beyond their ability. They continue living in fear and settle in their lives as they feel that reaching their goals is impossible. Successful people on the other hand have a growth mindset. They consider their abilities to be flexible and not fixed. When they are faced with a setback they work harder. They adopt a new strategy and keep seeking a solution. They do not give up even when things become challenging. They rather find out new ways to adapt and work harder. If you feel that you are not having a growth mindset, you can contact a good mindset coach in Canada. He or she will help you shift your paradigm and develop a growth mindset.

12. Know that pain helps you gain valuable insights

The most painful experiences will help you understand what you want and what you do not want in life. Failure, dead ends and disappointments all help you to understand that this didn’t work and it is not the right fit for you. You should know that human beings are born to adapt. You should therefore embrace your inner strength and use each experience as an inner tool that will help you to learn more about yourself. When you face a painful experience, you should be ready to give yourself into fear. Remember, no one can achieve success without learning how to stop living in fear.

13. Practice Self Care

It is true that mastering your emotions and changing your mindset is psychological, however, the surprising thing is that surprising is also physiological. Next time, when you feel you are living in fear, you should change your posture and adapt a power pose. You will become much more confident.

14. Failure is inevitable

After all the hard work, you will have to accept one truth and that is, you will fail. Failure is a part of the process. This is something that any person who is successful will tell you. When you fail, you are able to get an insight and correct the wrong ways of approaching a particular problem. There is no better teacher than the sling of a failure and no better lesson in resilience than the burn of rejection. If you use these experiences as unique information and adjust your strategy and approach, you will be at an advantage.


If you want to stop living in fear, it is important for you to work on your thoughts. Your fears are the results of what you think. These create negative feelings and emotions that keep stuck. The important thing that you need to do is to work despite your fears. This is what living your fear is all about. This is what courage is. You need not take big leaps. All that you need to do is to take the first small step. This will create the momentum and will help you keep moving. This will increase your self-confidence and you will also know that you can act courageously. Following the steps mentioned above will help you come out of your fear and a good life coach will also be able to guide you.

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