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Jude Dholah, a life and business coach wasn’t envisioning himself as an Entrepreneur or a mindset Coach in the initial years. He had to go through some failures and disappointments before he woke up to the fact that we all have infinite potential. The important thing is to imagine a particular goal and believe that we will be able to achieve it and see it through. It is important for us to keep this in mind that “we are God’s highest form of creation.”

He was in a job that he loved for many years and one day 17 years ago he found himself dragging his feet into work, without any motivation. It was then that he got introduced to Bob Proctor by a fellow business coach. Bob was America’s prosperity teacher. Everything changed for him from that time on.

Over the past 7 years he has helped several entrepreneurs personally and professionally to reach the level they had previously strived for, and surpass their goals.

Today, Jude, as a certified business coach has been able to create an international coaching business that teaches thousands of business leaders how to grow a business to the 6, 7 and 8 figures with ease.

Jude is dedicated to educating people that the power of belief can attract any desired outcome in life, big or small. Drawing from his personal experiences, he shares valuable insights on overcoming challenges and initiating positive transformations. Jude is among one of the best life coach, with a straightforward message: it’s never too late to transform your life. If your current approach isn’t yielding results, embrace a proven method that has consistently worked for everyone. It’s not about specific actions, but about adopting a certain approach to how you do things with the proper mindset.

, About Us
, About Us

Bob taught him that belief was most important, for if you want to achieve something and you don’t expect it to happen, chances are it is not going to happen. He found that like him, most people do not expect to hit the big goals. That lack of belief and self-confidence come from our upbringing for the most part. It took some work on himself, his self-image and developing discipline and persistence.

What transformed him into a believer in “potential” was, starting out with no money to invest and setting a goal to own six rental properties within five years, fueled by a compelling “Why.” Remarkably, he achieved this milestone within just 2½ years, successfully acquiring and renting out all six properties.

He offers coaching services to individuals, entrepreneurs, and business owners globally, assisting them in optimizing their time for maximum success in a short period.

When it comes to setting and achieving goals, Jude is well-versed in the strategies needed to succeed. Drawing from insights learned from top life coaches, he has successfully applied these principles himself. As an entrepreneurial coach, Jude assists in identifying the fundamental root cause of behaviour. Through a single mental shift, he guides individuals in breaking through limiting beliefs, closing the gap between knowledge and desired results, and increasing income while spending more time on doing what you love.

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