Top 15 Life Coaches

Top 15 Life Coaches, Top 15 Life Coaches

Though many of us might think that Life Coaching is quite an old profession, but in reality it is not. The concept of coaching people on the type of mindset they should have, their relationship, their purpose and other areas that are not directed directly to business started during the 1980s. The rise of the self-help movement made several coaches start their careers a few decades back. Some others have grown in popularity in the last few years with the help of the social media platform.

List of the Top 15 Life Coaches

1. Jude Dholah

Jude Dholah is one of the most reputed life Coach in Canada and USA and is considered to be one of the top consultants of the Late Bob Proctor. If you hire him as your coach, you can be rest assured that you are in the best hands. His company’s name is TIR Consult. Jude does not simply educate you, he also helps people develop their potentials by bringing about a change in their paradigm. Jude explains how the mind operates and also teaches you to use your mind in the best way. If you want to develop your innate potential and live your dream life, get in touch with Jude Dholah.

2. Astrid Davies

Astrid Davies is a Canadian Life coach. She helps clients achieve their life goals. She has a background in Coaching and Psychology and provides practical strategies and tools that help in the personal development of individuals. She specializes in areas like time management, goal setting, and self-motivation. Her coaching program is tailored to cater to the needs of each client. She fosters personal growth and self-awareness. Irrespective of whether you are looking to advance your career or want to lead a balanced life, Astrid will help you turn your aspirations and dreams into reality.

3. John Kim

John Kim is also referred to as the Angry Therapist. He offers a coaching program that is a wonderful combination of therapy and coaching. He also helps the clients deal with issues that are related to relationships, self-esteem and life transitions. John has a very down to earth approach and also has a relatable style. This makes him quite a sought after coach. He primarily focuses on self-awareness, emotional wellbeing and effective communication. He has helped several individuals to improve their relationships and mental health. John provides you practical advice as well as actionable insights about dealing with relationship issues, anger and anxiety. This helps in the personal growth of individuals by bringing in a positive change in them.

4. Esther Perel

Esther Perel is a Belgian Psychotherapist. She is also the best selling author. She has a provocative view on sex that has inspired new perspectives on infidelity and marriage. Her TED talk went viral and received more than 10 million views. She is considered to be one of the best and the most well-known couple therapies in the world.

5. Rich Litvin

Rich Litvin is the co-author of the book Prosperous Coach. He runs a leadership consultancy for the world leaders who are based in London and Los Angeles. He is also the founder of the 4% Club. This is a club for the top 4% of the world’s best consultants and coaches.

6. Steve Chandler

He is the author of 30 books. These books have been translated into more than 25 languages. He has been coaching since the last 20 years. He is considered to be the most powerful public speaker in America today. Steve Chandler is also the founder of the Coaching Prosperity School. This is a life Coaching program that helps coaches build a strong coaching practice and create a dream client base.

7. Michael Neill

He is an internationally renowned transformative coach. He is also the bestselling author of 5 books. The books of Michael has been translated into 17 languages. He has been coaching more than 25 years. He also works as an adviser to the CEOs, celebrities and royalty.

8. Tony Robbins

He is one of the most famous coach speaker and author in the world. His seminars have impacted more than 50 million people in more than 80 countries.

9. Mirela Sula

She is one of the most reputed life coaches. She helps individuals unlock their potential and embrace life to its entirety. She helps in the personal growth and development of the individual. She has helped several clients overcome obstacles and have helped them transform their lives. Her coaching primarily emphasizes on self-confidence, self-discovery and also helps you to embrace unique abilities and talents. She also helps clients to tap into the inner strength of the individuals, set goals and work towards living a more fulfilling and purposeful life. She provides the support and guidance you need.

10. Ewa Pietrzak

Ewa is a Polish life coach. She specializes in stress management and work life balance. Her coaching services are invaluable for those people who are looking to live a life of fulfillment and harmony. Her approach to life is quite practical and solution oriented. She helps clients identify their needs by helping then to find the causes for their imbalance and stress. She also provides time management strategies, prioritizes self-care and sets boundaries. This way, she helps individuals regain control of their lives. They are thus able to achieve a healthy equilibrium. The coaching provided by Ewa is all the more beneficial for those people who are juggling their personal and professional life.

11. Mark Elliott

Mark Elliott is based in NewZealand and helps individuals in setting their goals and achieving it. He puts emphasis on accountability and self-motivation. He also assists clients to make positive changes in their lives. The coaching style of Mark is structured and result driven. It is also goal oriented. He helps the clients to create action plans, define their objectives and stay motivated throughout their journey. Mark provides guidance and support to people looking for career advancement, personal development and are interested to bring about significant life changes. He also helps you achieve your goals by using your full life potential.

12. Flavia Lippi

Flavia Lippi is a very highly regarded life coach in Brazil. She has made a name for herself in personal development and self-improvement. She has a very strong online presence and a good following. She has earned a name in the coaching industry because of her inspirational work. She helps individuals to overcome their personal as well as professional obstacles. She will also help you to set your goals, achieve them and find greater purpose and clarity in their lives. The coaching services of Flavia are sought after by all those people who are interested to bring about a positive transformation and growth. Flavia will be the best choice for you if you are looking to build self confidence and lead a more fulfilling life.

13. Lars Thomsen

Lars Thomsen is a German life coach. He focuses on the mental health and holistic well being. His coaching services provides individuals with the required tools and strategies that helps in improving the overall quality of your life. Lars also emphasizes on the importance of the emotional and the mental health to enjoy a happy life. He helps clients with stress management, self-care routine and mindfulness practices and helps in balancing life and also helps in the overall wellbeing of the individual. If you want to improve your mental health, that helps you reduce your stress and helps you achieve a more fulfilled and a healthier life. Lars Thomsen’s coaching also provides practical solutions and valuable insights.

14. Fabien Rodhain

Fabien Rodhain is a French life coach who is very much respected and is well known for his work in self-improvement and personal development. He also specializes in improving the mindset of the individuals and help them achieve their goals. He has a holistic coaching approach. He addresses both professional as well as personal aspects of the life of his clients. He is known for his ability to guide individuals through life transactions and helps them achieve a meaningful action. He is popular among his clients for his empathetic and goal oriented coaching style. It is for this reason that he has become popular in the French Community.

15. Robin Sharma

Robin Sharma is the author of the No 1 International Best Seller of “ The Monk who sold his Ferrari”. He is a Business consultant for the billionaires, celebrity CEOs and the rockstars and royalty. He has clients from Nike, Yale University, Microsoft and NASA.


Life has many ups and downs and at times we find ourselves in front of several challenges. You often start feeling demotivated in your professional as well as your personal life. A life coach can help you uncover the things that you need to become successful in life. They help us set a goal and achieve it. The life coach can help you feel empowered to navigate the challenges of life. You are thus able to unlock the door to a much more fulfilling life. The best life coaches can guide you and help you improve your self-esteem and also help you reach your highest goal.

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